Noncommutative rings


their applications, IV

LENS 8-11 June 2015

  1. General overview
  2. Scientific committee
  3. Participants
  4. Program
  5. Talks
  6. Abstracts
  7. Proceedings
  8. How to register
  9. Pictures
  10. Social and cultural events
  11. Arriving in Lens
  12. The faculty Jean Perrin
  13. Hotels and accomodations
  14. Meals
  15. Another algebra meeting in June at the faculty
  16. Contacts
  17. Sponsors

General overview

a) The conference will take place in the Science Faculty of the University of Artois from 8th till 11th of June 2015 .

b) As for the previous editions of this conference, the aim is to gather specialists in ring theory and in areas where this theory is used (for example in representation theory, coding theory, cryptography).
I am delighted to announce that Professor Jay Wood from Western Michigan University ( Home page) will give the course this year (8 hours). We will have four main speakers:

  1. Frédérique Oggier, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore ( Home page).
  2. Christophe Reutenauer, Université du Québec à Montréal ( Home page).
  3. Angel del Rio, University of Murcia ( Home page).
  4. Irfan Siap, Yildiz Technical University ( Home page).

As in 2013, the course and the plenary talks will take place in the mornings. In the afternoons the participants will have the possibility to present their works during short talks (20-25 minuts each).

New features
For this fourth edition we will have:

  1. Poster sessions. There are volunteers but it would be good if some of you agreed to presnt a poster instead of giving a talk...
  2. books exhibitions. It will take place in the library itself. It will be open for all the duration of the conference.
    The AMS, Springer, Oxford, Elsevier will send books. The participants will receive a discount if they buy a book during the congress or a bit later...
  3. Some workshops or problem sessions, I need volunteers here as well.

Scientific committee

  1. Steven Dougherty, University of Scranton, USA.
  2. Alberto Facchini, University of Padova, Italy.
  3. S.K. Jain, University of Ohio,USA and King Abdulaziz University Saudi Arabia.
  4. Jerzy Matczuk, Warsaw University, Poland.
  5. Frédérique Oggier, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
  6. Edmund Puczylowski, Warsaw University, Poland.
  7. Christophe Reutenauer, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada.
  8. Angel del Rio, University of Murcia, Spain
  9. Irfan Siap, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey.
  10. Patrick Solé, ParisTech, France.
  11. Félix Ulmer, University of Rennes, France.
  12. Jay Wood, Western Michigan University, USA.

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List of participants

This list will be updated regularly.
  1. Alghazzawi Dilshad, Université d'Artois, Lens (France).
  2. Altun Meltem Hacettepe University, Ankara (Turkey).
  3. Assem Ali, Cairo university (Egypt).
  4. Abdelghany Noha, Cairo University (Egypt).
  5. Arroyo Maria Jose, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Iztapalapa (México).
  6. Aydogdu Pinar, Hacetepe University, Ankara (Turkey).
  7. Aydogdu Ismail, Yildiz technical University (Turkey).
  8. Barry Mamadou, Cheikh Anta Diop University (Sénégal).
  9. Boucher Delphine, Université de Rennes (France).
  10. Buckley Stephen, National University of Ireland Maynooth (Ireland).
  11. Buhphang Ardeline Mary, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong (India).
  12. Centrone Lucio, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brazil) .
  13. Cherchem Ahmed, Université USTHB, Alger (Algérie).
  14. Cerda Leon Erwin Rommel, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (Mexico).
  15. Chimal Dzul Henry, Metropolitan Autonomous University Iztapalapa (Mexico).
  16. Diewald Jens, Technical University Dortmund (Germany).
  17. Dougherty Steven, Scranton University, Pensylvania (USA).
  18. Durgun Yilmaz, Bitlis Eren University (Turkey).
  19. Facchini Alberto, Padova University (Italy).
  20. Wafaa Fakieh, King Abdulaziz University (Saudi Arabia).
  21. Fall Landing, Cheikh Anta Diop University (Sénégal).
  22. Fernandez-Alonso Rogelio, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (Mexico).
  23. Hou Xiaolu, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).
  24. Hryniewicka Malgorzata, Bialystok University (Poland)
  25. Irwansyah Muhammad, Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia)
  26. Ivicic Vojtech , Brno University (Czech Republic)
  27. Jastrzebska Malgorzata , Siedlce University (Poland)
  28. Kanwar Pramod, Ohio University (USA)
  29. Khoshnoudirad Daniel (France)
  30. Kozlowski Kamil, Bialystok University of Technology (Poland)
  31. Krempa Jan, Warsaw University (Poland)
  32. Leroy André, Université d'Artois, Lens (France)
  33. Matczuk Jerzy, Warsaw University (Poland)
  34. Medina-Bárcenas Mauricio, National Autonomus University of Mexico (Mexico)
  35. Megahed Nefertiti,Cairo university (Egypt).
  36. Nguyen Trong Bac, Mahidol University (Thailand)
  37. Oggier Frédérique, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
  38. Ozbek Ibrahim, Yildiz Technical University (Turkey).
  39. Ozcan Cigdem, Hacettepe University, Ankara (Turkey)
  40. Polcino Miles César, Universidade Federal do ABC and the Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil).
  41. Reutenauer Christophe , Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada).
  42. del Rio Angel , University of Murcia (Spain).
  43. Sandoval Martha National Autonomus University of Mexico (Mexico).
  44. Sari Mustafa, Yildiz Technical University (Turkey).
  45. Sboui Houda, Ecole nationale des ingénieurs de Tunis, Université El Manar (Tunisia)
  46. Siap Irfan, Yildiz Technical University (Turkey)
  47. Smertnig Daniel, University of Graz (Austria).
  48. Solé Patrick, Telecom Paris-Tech (France)
  49. Sow Djiby, Cheikh Anta Diop University (Sénégal)
  50. Stubbe Isar, Université de Littoarl (France).
  51. Szabo Steve, Eastern Kentucky University (USA).
  52. Tekin Melis, Hacettepe University, Ankara (Turkey).
  53. Ulmer Felix, Université de Rennes (France).
  54. Volcic Jurij, University of Auckland (New Zealand).
  55. Ziembowski Michal, Warsaw University (Poland)

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It was distributed during the conference.


The abstracts are collected here .
The course given by Jay Wood was really very nice and interesting.
All the particpants will be very happy to have these available.
Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Lecture 3
Lecture 4
Lecture 5
Lecture 6
Lecture 7
Lecture 8
  1. Noha Abdelghany, Checkable Codes from Group Algebras to Group Rings. PDF
  2. Meltem Altun, On Internally Cancellable Rings. PDF
  3. Ali Assem, On symmetrized Weight compositions. PDF
  4. Pinar Aydogdu, Rings of Morita contexts which are maximal orders. PDF
  5. Ismail Aydogdu, Self-Dual Z_2Z_2[u]-linear Codes. PDF
  6. Delphine Boucher, Existence conditions for self-dual skew codes over finite fields.
  7. Steve Buckley, Groups that are isoclinic to rings. PDF
  8. Ardeline Mary Buhphang, Some properties of n-Armendariz rings (Poster). PDF
  9. Erwin Rommel Cerda Leon, Biclosed relations with respect to torsion theories and almost continuous bifunctors(Poster). PDF
  10. Lucio Centrone, Growth of relatively free graded algebras. pdf
  11. Ahmed Cherchem, On skew Periodic Sequences. pdf
  12. Henry Chimal Dzul, Quaternary and binary codes as Gray images of Constacyclic codes over Z_{2^{k+1}}. pdf
  13. Hou Xiaolu, Algebraic constructiions of modular lattices.
  14. Jens Diewald, Perfect Space-Time-Block-Codes from certain bicyclic Crossed Product Algebras. pdf
  15. Steven Dougherty, A practical Guide to the MacWilliams Relations. pdf
  16. Yilmaz Durgun, Test Modules for Flatness. pdf
  17. Alberto Facchini, Krull-Schmidt-Remak Theorem, direct-product decompositions and G-groups. pdf
  18. Landing Fall, On R-semisimple semimodules. pdf
  19. Rogelio Fernandes-Alonso, Biclosed relations with respect to torsion theories. pdf
  20. Malgorzata Hryniewicka, Ore localizations of near-rings. pdf
  21. Muhammad Irwansyah, Codes over Infinite Family of Algebras. pdf
  22. Malgorzata Jastrzebska, Lattices of annihilaors in commutative algebras. pdf
  23. Kamil Kozlowski, Rings whose nilpotent elements form a Wedderburn radical subring. pdf
  24. Mauricio Medina-Bárcenas, Modules which satisfy ACC on annihilators. pdf
  25. Bac Nguyen Trong, On Strongly prime and one-sided strongly prime submodules. pdf
  26. Ibrahim Ozbek, Secret sharing schemes obtained from some special codes. pdf
  27. Frédérique Oggier, Space-time Codes from Quotients of Division Algebras. PDF
  28. Cesar Polcino Milies, Essential idempotents and minimal cyclic codes. PDF
  29. Christophe Reutenauer, codes et matrices stochastiques non commutatives.
  30. Angel del Rio, Polynomials defining many units.
  31. Martha Sandoval Mappings between R-tors and other lattices. PDF
  32. Mustafa Sari, Self dual constacyclic codes over a class of nonchain rings.
  33. Irfan Siap, On reversible codes and their Applications.
  34. Daniel Smertnig, Every abelian group is the class group of a simple Dedekind domain.
  35. Steve Szabo, Duality preserving Gray maps: (pseudo) self-dual bases and symmetric bases.
  36. Melis Tekin, Some results on nth order differentials.
  37. Jurij Volcic, Matrix coefficient realization theory of noncommutative rational functions. PDF
  38. Jay Wood, Linear codes from the axiomatic viewpoint (course).
  39. Michal Ziembowski, On radicals of differential polynomial rings. PDF

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Thnaks for using the Template .
You can find the abstracts here .


There will be a proceedings for the NCRA, IV conference. This proceedings will appear as a special issue of "Jacodesmath journal" .
The papers submitted will be refereed in a classical way. The scientific committee will serve as an editorial board.
Deadline for submitting an article : 15 November 2015. Please do consider to submit an article.
Finally let me mention that the proceedings of the 2013 conference (NCRA, III) appeared as volume 634 of the Contemporary Math. series of the AMS. Here is a link Contemporary Mathematics, vol. 634

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How to register

Registration is closed. André Leroy


Pictures of the conference.
Some of these pictures were sent by Ismail Aydogdu...,many thanks to him.
First our big one week family:
Nearly all the group
All the group!
Jay Wood during his course:
Picture 1 ; Picture 2
More pictures during the talks and during the banquet...
Picture 1 ; Picture 2 ; Picture 3 ; Picture 4 ; Picture 5 ; Picture 6 ; Picture 7 ; Picture 8 ; Picture 9 ;
Picture 10 Picture 11; Picture 12; Picture 13; Picture 14; Picture 15; Picture 16; Picture 17; Picture 18; Picture 19; Picture 8

Social and cultural event

The famous museum "Le Louvre" just opened "a branch" in Lens in December 2012. They organise regular exhibitions and this is for sure an easy target. Another possibility is to visit Arras or Lille... Here are some link for "Le Louvre Lens" Louvre II or also the following one.
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Arriving in Lens

BY PLANE There are 4 different airports not too far from Lens;

  • Lesquin (International Air Transport Association: LIL). This the airport of Lille (the biggest city in north of France) It is the closest (35 km from Lens). If you arrive via this airport you will have to take a bus to the Lille railway station (Lille Flandres) and then take a train to Lens. Notice that as far as I know there are no connection by plane between Charles de Gaulle airport and Lesquin so even if your ticket plane says that you have a stop in CDG and then go to Lesquin it is highly probable that this last part of your journey (from CDG to Lesquin) will be by train!
    Lesquin (Lille) airport

  • Charles de Gaulle at Roissy (IATA code: PAR; ICAO code: CDG). This is the most likely airport of arrival if you are coming from abroad. There is a train station and you can connect directly to Lens or go to Lille and in Lille take a train to Lens (this is sometimes faster since there are not too many direct train from CDG to Lens).
    CDG airport
    Connection between CDG airport and Lens Train from CDG airport

  • Beauvais (IATA code BVA) This airport is very close to the city of Beauvais (Tillé). You could arrive to this airport specially if you use low fare airlines. There is frequent bus shuttle to the center of Beauvais and from there you can take a train to Lens via Paris nord 'and possibly with a stop in Arras)
    Beauvais airport
    train connections from Beauvais

  • Charleroi (IATA code CRL) This airport is in Belgium (also called Brussels south airport). This airport is not too far from Lens but you will have to take a shuttle to Brussels or to Charleroi and then take a train to Lens (probably via Lille). There are quite a few low cost companies using this airport.
    Charleroi Airport
    NOTE !!: if you want to arrive via this airport and need a visa, be sure you are OK. I think you need a visa from the country you are entering Europe so in this case this would mean Belgium....

    BY CAR From Paris take the A1 in direction of Lille and in Hennin Beaumont take the A 21. Leave this highway at Lens centre. The building of the "faculté Jean Perrin" is very close to the Bollaert stadium. This building is known as the "batiments des mines".

    BY TRAIN You can get information on the connections at the following URL

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    The faculty Jean Perrin

    The talks will take place in Bulding B room S.19 of the "Faculté Jean Perrin". This Faculty is part of the university of Artois. The address is "23 Rue Jean Souvraz, Lens, France". It is located in a very nice and impressive building that served as offices for the coal mines till the 60's. It is still known as "le bureau des mines" by the local population. It is about 15 minutes walk from the train station and is quite close to the "Stade Bollaert" (a footbal (i.e. soccer) stadion). In front of the faculty building there is a nice park where you can have a walk and relax or just think and solve your math. problems!
    Here is a picture: map of Lens
    The picture of the faculty is on my web page.

    Hotels and accomodations

    A) Hotels I can reserve a room for you but of course you can do this directly as well (if you want me to do so, please mention it while registering since I'll try to get some discount for the participants).
    1) The closest hotel is the Hotel Bollaert. Here is a link for the hotel Bollaert
    2) The hotel "Campanile Lens" is not too far (about 30 minuts walk). If you have a car... Here is a link for the hotel Campanile
    3) The hotel "Le Paris Brest-Brest" is located nearly in front of the train station. This means at about 15 minuts walk from the faculty. For more information on this hotel click here
    4) Just in front of the station: Hotel de France, 2 Place du Général de Gaulle.


    The breakfasts and the lunches will be offered to all the participants during the congress.

    Another algebra meeting in June at the faculty J. Perrrin

    From 15th June till 19th June, There will be another algebra meeting at the faculty Jean Perrin
    Linear algebraic groups, vector bundle classification and division rings
    The main speakers are:
    1. Jean Fasel (Institut Fourier, Grenoble): Some recent results on the classification of vector bundles over smooth affine schemes.
    2. Ulf Rehmann (Universitaet Bielefeld): Linear Algebraic groups and Algebraic K-Theory.
    3. Yoav Segev (Ben-Gurion University): Maps that resemble valuations on Division rings.

    For more information about this conference you can visit this page.


    Address of organizer of NCRA,IV :
    André Leroy
    Home page ou ICI


    1. LML (laboratoire de mathématiques de Lens).
    2. BQR
    3. Fédération des universités du nord pas de Calais.
    4. GDR TLAG.
    5. The books exhibition was supported by the A.M.S., Elsevier, Oxford and Springer.